Wall Paper, Paint, Wood Paneling Oh My!!!

“What were they thinking?”

We have all thought this Exact thing looking at interior paint color choices.

Now this is where you have the choice…do you make a simple change, or leave people with this frightful, poor color image.

Paint is an important key factor in neutralizing a home.  Having bright or dated color is very distracting and unpleasing to potential buyers.  Neutral, light colored paint can freshen up up any room.  A neutral color will offer continuity and consistency throughout the home.  It will have the buyer seeing its potential, not its sudden and drastic wall color changes.  I recommend a flat finish paint because it hides imperfections and provides easier touchups.  As mentioned in my previous blog, Preparing Your Home for Sold, Chintz and Revere Pewter are smart color choices.

The dreaded wallpaper is a must to remove!  Many sellers do not want the hard work of removing it.  Well, neither does the potential buyer.  Wallpaper can be a deal breaker.  If  you choose to leave the wall paper,  you could be significantly reducing your selling profit.  A possible buyer is not always looking for a home that needs updating.  There have been many improvements to wall paper and removing solutions over the years.  Many options are available to help you remove it safely, easily, and without wall damage.  Do not let a potential buyer pass your home by because of unpleasant and dated wall coverings…even if it’s Italian!

Wood paneling makes a lot of us cringe, but it may be a permanent wall.  A simple and inexpensive solution would be to paint it.  Creamy white tends to look best.  Use an oil based or a satin impervo paint, these will give it a natural appearance.  They lay thicker on wood giving it a richer look.

Final Thought…  Have your home buyer feeling…There’s No Place Like Home





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