2016…Hello 2017!

Another challenging but great year has passed, 2016!

It started off quick…we were staging and they were selling fast!

Spring brought many new adventures for me.  I traveled alone to China, Vietnam, and Malasyia to begin creating my own furniture line.   A main challenge in staging is furniture.  It is often difficult to obtain quick enough and have a variety of pieces that will work in every home.  Staging furniture needs to have an inviting neutral look and appeal to the masses.  I often need to travel to several vendors to find what can work.  The fabric may be great but the arms too rounded.  The back is bulkier then id like to see…

So I set out to create my own funiture line…

Our spring home market was amazing!  We met so many wonderful people.  Working side by side with the teams it takes to sell a home is inspiring.  So many buyers reach out to us to commend our staging, saying it is a factor into how they chose their new home and where can they purchase the items for themselves.

Summer hit us with a Bang!  It was so completely crazy busy from spring into summer that I can’t even remember certain points to write about.  🙂

The hustle and bustle of fall Parade of Homes kept us on our toes!  I feel grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with several builders and that they find my work be an added attribute to their portfolios.  Even though we stage many homes for the Parade of Homes each year, we remain in taking pride in every individual home that we stage.  We understand that selling your home can be stressful.  Emotional.  We take pride in understanding the attachments the homeowner has.  You build memories, children grow, life happens in your home.  As we stage each and every home that we do, we always say, “This is where we make a house a Home”.

I cannot even begin to describe our commitment to every home that we stage…the Kariel team and I are humbled by every single opportunity that we are given.


Final Thought…XO…

“There’s something about having people around you giving you support that is –

it’s motivating, and once I got that support from people then I believed I could do anything.” – Prince


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