Preparing Your Home for Sold!

As mentioned in my Previous blog, Staging Can Show the Maximum Space in Every Room, you should be realistic about the space in each room and do a few simple things throughout the home to prepare for showings.  You should deep clean your home as if a snoopy, pickiest of picky family member is coming to stay with you!  All flooring and carpet should be cleaned and free from stains.  If it is deeply soiled or really old, you may want to look into replacing it.  Walls should be cleaned and freshly painted.  I suggest using Benjamin Moore Paint in chintz or revere pewter.  Wash all windows and make sure blinds or drapes are clean and working properly.  Buyers are usually concerned about the quality of windows, so they will be checking.  Vacuum vents and ceiling fans.  Here are a few suggestions for these specific rooms:

Kitchen – Clear all countertops of anything that is not needed for daily use.  Place mail into a drawer rather than out on the counter.  Vacuum inside of each drawer and place new drawer linings.  Keep refrigerator clear of photos and magnets.  Remove any expired items and keep only minimal leftovers, this will make it appear larger.  Make sure it is cleaned top to bottom and smells fresh.  Leave a Baking Soda Fridge-N-Freezer box in in the refrigerator and freezer.  It will eliminate odors.  Ninety percent of homes are sold with refrigerators and everyone will look in them!

Bathrooms – Scrub bathroom from top to bottom.  Clear all countertops and toilet tops of miscellaneous items.  Remove all medications and valuables and store in containers that only you can access.  All towels should look fresh and clean for each showing.  Keep shower products and bathing accessories in small bins that you can bring in with you when you shower and remove for showings.  Update any hardware that is broken, loose, or missing.

Bedrooms – All bedside table and dresser top items need to be tucked away.  Place them in small containers and keep under the bed so that they are easily accessible by you.  Hang all clothes in a closet, do not leave a robe hanging over the door or the bed.  Never leave out anything of value.

Closets – Everyone wants to see the closets they may possibly own, so yes, they will look in them.  They will either see how much stuff you have, or how much room they could fill with heir own things!  Remove and pack away all of your seasonal items.  Having the hangers match looks very organized and is extremely pleasing to the eye.  Do not forget to paint the insides of the closets when you’re painting the home.

According to a recent study, eighty percent of buyers said storage is one of the most important items on their checklist.  Go through every closet, cabinet, drawer, and nook and cranny in your home and get rid of anything that hasn’t been used within a year, or put it in storage!  Think of it as pre-packing for your new home.  Getting a storage unit outside of your home is usually the easiest way for this transition.  It frees your home of excess items and gives it the feeling of more open space.  Space that potential buyers are looking for.  That way, after your home sells, you are already half packed.  For your showings each day, wipe down all counters and surfaces, turn on lights, and open all of the blinds and curtains to brighten up your home.   Dark and dirty spaces will turn away a potential buyer.

Learn more about measuring the proper placement of your artwork, rugs, drapes and more in Susan’s upcoming blog post, By The Numbers.

For additional help with flooring, painting and other home services, head to my website, Kariel Staging & Decor .

Final Thought…  Preparing your home in this manner could make the difference between Sold or Sitting on the market!


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