“Can we decorate for Christmas?” By Susan Adair

Tis the season when, if your house is on the market, you might ask, “Can we decorate for Christmas?” The holidays are fast approaching and all the stores, not to mention your attic are full of beautiful, candles, stockings, lights, ribbons, garland and your favorite family ornaments.

So, good question! After all you are still living in your house. You and your whole family want life to go on as normally as possible all the while you are keeping organized, clean and de-cluttered. It may seem like a tall order, but you are motivated.

Let’s say the photos of your house are scheduled to be taken just before or just after Christmas so they will be ready for the first of the year. Now, here are two questions that will give you your decorating answer. Do you want your photos to be dated? Do you want potential buyers to remember your house as the “Christmas house” or the house with the great floors?

For the exterior, you can stick with a beautiful planter(s) of winter greens. Have as much fun with it as you like. Greens, birch sticks, branches with berries, eucalyptus leaves, pine cones, and some great ribbon can all work together to create a welcoming introduction for buyers. While the real estate agent is opening the lock box, buyers are standing there on the stoop or porch looking around. If you have made it look beautiful, it will help buyers to fall in love! Don’t forget the exterior light fixture. It should be sparkling clean with a nice clear glass bulb shining “Welcome, I’m beautiful!”

Inside, remember what you hear me say all year around, “Always remember what you are selling.” Photos can be taken before the tree and all the decorations come out. Then go ahead and let your house celebrate, but keep it low key this year. For example, use small white lights as opposed to those with lots of color. You still want to show off the banister, the fireplace, the floors, windows and the space without things feeling full, cluttered or overwhelmed by the season. Think about what you want buyers to remember about the house, the holiday decorations or the great space?

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year in your new house!



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