Foyers, by Susan Adair

Whether large or small, grand or modest, the entry to your home says “Welcome! Please come in!” It’s the introduction to all good things to come.

When I was teaching little kids, I would get down on my knees or sit in a small chair and look around my classroom so I could gain a better perspective into how things might look to my students. Was there too much stuff on the walls? Were there zones for different activities? Were there calm spaces? You get the idea.

I think it’s a good idea to do the same thing as you enter your house. You certainly do not have to get down on your knees, but try looking at the foyer, actually the whole house, through your buyer’s eyes. What does it say? Does it invite you in?

The entry may be just a small wall space inside the front door, just enough room for a few hooks to hang a cool hat, a scarf or umbrella and a small mirror to reflect light and let you check out your look when coming or going. It may include a grand stair case with space for a chair(s) or settee and a beautiful table or chest. Or it may be something in between. Whatever the size or style, the message is the same. “Welcome!”

Here’s one idea for foyer table dressing:

  1. Start with a mirror or a piece of art and lean it against the wall or hang it above the table top.
  2. Add a lamp toward one side, preferably the side farthest from the door so it doesn’t interfere with your sight line.
  3. Place a couple of books on their sides next to the lamp
  4. Top the books with a container of branches or flowers.

What does your foyer say?

If you have a great idea, I would love to hear it!

Your friendly staging consultant, Susan


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