Giving a Room a Purpose!

Does your home have that catchall room that holds all of your miscellaneous pieces of furniture and things you have collected over the years?  Or maybe a weird space that still puzzles you as to what it’s for?  You want to show a possible buyer all of the potential that each space in your home has to offer.  Homeowners sometime think that adding that extra desk or crib to the master bedroom will show how much extra space that room has.  Wrong!  Now all that potential buyer sees is less room.  We, at Kariel Home Staging, can walk into a questionable space or that catchall room and find its purpose.  We assess the home to find what it may be lacking; more sitting space, a small office, a child’s play area.  A better solution for that extra desk would possibly be behind the couch as a sofa table?  There are many solutions, it just takes an unbiased eye to see them.

When selling your home, you must give every room a purpose.  Buyers walk into a home and instantly assess each room.  Do you want them to see wasted space…leaving them puzzled and confused.  Or should you show them how great that extra area is by giving it a purpose!  Don’t leave potential buyers guessing if your home is the one.  Wondering if they will have the space they will need.  Questioning if that small loft is useless, or the extra room in the basement with no windows is for nothing.   Show them that every inch of your home will fill their needs.  That your home will be the space they need for their things, their family.

We are here to help you do just that!

Final Thought…   “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell


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