My Thoughts on Choosing a Realtor and Having them Represent You the Right Way!

I am writing this blog in reference to the many calls and emails that I receive on a daily bases about picking a Realtor.  This is the information that I tell people to look for in a real estate agent.  Not everyone may agree, but not all real estate agents are the same.  These are the main points that I have learned over the years that will help you to identify the correct agent.


Make sure the Realtor that you choose to sell your home will do the following things:

  1. List the property on MLS and have professional photos.  Buyers look online first and your property should have professional photos – this is the first sign of a professional real estate agent that understands today’s market.  Having your home professionally staged will make these photos shine over the competition.
  2. Price the property correctly.  Get to know your competition.  Supply and demand within a neighborhood play an important role in pricing.  Have your agent show you open houses in the area.  Sometimes a seller believes their home is worth a certain number, but that can be far from the truth.  Your agent should be Brutally Honest with you…even if it is not what you want to hear. 
  3. Have a professional sign in the front yard.  The sign should have a direct number to your real estate agent, not a general information number.  Potential buyers are calling because they are interested, you want them speaking directly to your agent.  There should also be a full size brochure box with color photos.  Again, potential buyers are grabbing this information because they are interested.  The real estate agent should keep this box fully stocked.  Exposure creates interest!
  4. Have the property present on the internet.  Social media is very important.  Most agents have access to several real estate websites to promote their listings.  Make sure that you have a web savvy agent.
  5. Print advertising.   Yes…people still read from magazines and the newspaper…crazy right! 😉  Encourage your real estate agent to promote your property in local newspapers or magazines in full color.
  6. Realtor availability.  They should be available day, night, and weekends.  Do not expect a return call instantly, but at least within 24 hours.  One of the biggest frustrations that I hear about is when an agent calls another to make an offer and that agent doesn’t return the call until the next day or after the weekend.  This could make a potential buyer move on to another property that they like.  You want a real estate agent that will network and work cooperatively with other agents.  Seasoned agents tend to know other agents in the area and have good working relationships with them.
  7. Points of interest . Have a printed out Points of Interest brochure available for potential buyers to take with them at your home.  This is the only way that you can tell them about all of the upgrades and great features that your home has to offer.  One of the main conversations that I have with the homeowner when I come to do a consultation is everything that is great about their home and what upgrades that they have done to it.  No one knows the home better than you.  And Remember, from my previous Blog Should I Stage My Vacant Home, one of the most important things is what that potential buyer remembers from your home above all others.  Having this Points of Interest to look back at later with help them remember your homes wonderful features!
  8. Realtor sells full-time.  It isn’t that newer agents aren’t capable, it is just a factor in making an informed decision.  Many “experienced” agents may not be the best choice either, especially if they haven’t kept up with technology. You deserve an agent that is committed and knowledgeable.

Final Thought…  An Educated, Committed Realtor + Professional Staging = SOLD!

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