Staging Can Show the Maximum Space in Every Room!

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Everyone seems to constantly be looking for more space.  I never run across a homeowner that feels they have too much space for their family or belongings.  One of the most important spaces is the main living room, with the bathrooms and kitchen in close second!  A good sized living room is where we can relax.  Be a family together.

Do you ever find yourself looking at homes online and wonder why they angled their couch across the living room space.  It also appears to be facing the wall and not their beautiful fireplace?  The room looks so small!  I understand interior design and displaying the room with different angles and conversation spaces…but not in a 12 x 14 foot room!  You need all of the help that you can get to maximize that small main living space.  Angling the couch cuts off part of the room.  I know, I know…that old saying of don’t push the couch up against the wall and designers now saying that the couch should “float”, may have you feeling like a rookie.  So what is the best arrangement?  Well, that all depends on the space.  Ninety percent of the homes on the market do not have 30 x 40 foot living rooms, so walls are all they have.  Push that couch up against the wall, add a coffee and end tables, and remove all other bulky unneeded furniture.  Then add a few accessories, nice lighting at eye level, and Viola!  Your living room looks larger and more inviting for those potential home buyers.

Being realistic about the space in each room and doing a  few simple things, further explained in my upcoming blog  Preparing Your Home for Sold, will help your home sell quickly.  Einstein once quoted, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” I feel this quote relates to yet another reason for needing an excellent stager.  If you can not look at the room and simply know how to furnish it to utilize the space ,  Kariel Staging can.  Every home is different in size, shape, occupied or vacant, and needs to be staged to show its full potential to possible buyers.   We at Kariel, understand furnishing any size space well enough to stage any home correctly.


Final thought…  Every inch counts in a small room, and every mistake can drive away a potential buyer.  The solution, Staging!

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