Puzzled by a Ceiling Light… Hang in There.

Why would they put that light there?  A question many people ask themselves when they are looking at homes.  Even tougher, all of the homes without ceiling mounted lights in certain rooms.  An issue I will address more in my blog, Properly Lighting a Dark Space.  My conclusion is this…

Most homes are built with the chandelier centered to the windows or smack dab in the middle of the room.  I am convinced that very few builders think of furniture placement as they are installing the electrical wiring.  So now you, as the home owner, are faced with where to put that dining room table.  You try to place it directly under the chandelier, but then the chairs are snug up to the patio door or the kitchen island.  Frustrating!  How do you address this?  Another great question for your home stager!  My advice to the home owner is to take down that chandelier and put in a ceiling mounted light.  No-one will notice how off centered it is.  My advice to home builders and investors, call a staging company.  Like us, Kariel Home Staging.  Ask us where the best place for the light fixture would be.  I understand having to follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) for safety, but can’t we all get along?  🙂  We carry a very large inventory of dining room tables, and can advise you to the best place for lighting.  If you are located in the Minnesota Metro Area, we will stop by for free.  That way, your potential home buyers won’t be so perplexed on how they will fit their furniture into your homes.  The lighting will blend so well with the staging that it will make a very positive and lasting impact on potential buyers.  Your homes will Shine!

Final Thought…

Home owners can make a simple fix to a very common issue.

Home builders could possibly work with us to design and build homes with efficient lighting better suited for furnishing.



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