Introducing Susan Adair…My Friendly Staging Consultant for Occupied Homes

A successful business is not usually run by just oneself.  It takes a team of incredible people to unite with the similar thoughts and insight to accomplish the tasks at hand.  Please meet one of these people.  Part of The Stage Crew at Kariel, is Susan Adair.  Susan and I met years ago when we partnered for a project with a common real estate agent.  She consulted on his occupied homes, and I on the vacant ones.  We hit it off and have joined together for several other stages.  As Kariel Home Staging grew, I needed someone who could mirror my passion and vision for staging vacant homes in occupied homes.   Susan is just that!  Staging vacant homes and occupied homes can be quite different.  Whereas our final visions may be the same, Susan will tell you the exact measurements to hang a picture, fill an existing book shelf, or those many basic points to prepare the home that you still occupy for amazing selling photos.  Important details to display your home for sale!  Susan will be writing blogs here addressing many of the challenges and issues that arise with preparing occupied homes for sale.  Enjoy.

Without further ado….my friend and colleague, Susan Adair.


Hello everyone,

I am so pleased to be part of Kariel Home Staging.  My name is Susan Adair.  I have been  a staging consultant for nine years.  Kari and I met a few years ago when we collaborated while getting a large, unoccupied townhouse ready to sell. I used the home owners furnishings , but the house needed more to make it complete.  When we were finished, Kari and I looked at each other, smiled and nodded.  A friendship was born.

A few years ago, Kari asked me if I would like to do staging consultations for Kariel Staging.  I though about it for about two seconds and said, “Yes!”

As a staging consultant, I work with the home owner, using his or her own furnishings, art and accessories.  We walk through the house together and I give suggestions for ways to show off the space, enhance the finishes and make buyers fall in love.  I am so fortunate to be doing a job that is so much fun!  I work with interesting, talented home owners, real estate agents and Kari, of course!  I tour an incredible variety of houses and am challenged to make them look their best and photograph in the best possible way.

All the best!


Your friendly staging consultant

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